Teacher Appreciation

Over the past 4 years, we’ve partnered with Buchanan Elementary School and have built a solid relationship with the administration, faculty and staff. Each year in May, we recognize the hard work of the teachers by celebrating teacher appreciation week.

The United Methodist Women always support this project by providing lunch to everyone that works at the school. (The faculty and staff look forward to it each year!) The team at Buchanan enjoyed pulled pork, fruit salad, deviled eggs, Texas sheet cake and so much more. It is very rewarding to see the love the United Methodist Women pour into their work and to see how much the teachers and staff appreciate being served. What a win-win situation.

To make it even more special, we received a thank-you note from a teacher that made it evident that the work we are doing at Buchanan is more important than ever. Let’s make the 2016-2017 school year a time where Christ Church’s partnership can build up the students and teachers more than ever!