I recently met with a new pastor in town. He asked about who I knew who could do various kinds of things, play music and the like. I gave him a couple of names of people I’ve met, but he already knew them. How did he know as many people as me in so much less time?

The conversation led to my setting some goals to connect with more pastors in the Quad Cities in 2017. I also wondered if any of you are thinking of putting yourselves out there in 2017. Some of you have made the courageous step of beginning to attend worship; take another courageous step into a small group! Is your small group ready to take the leap into serving together?

Make it a goal in 2017 to put yourself out there for people who are not yet involved. Last year, we challenged everyone in the church to lead one person through the process of experiencing God’s love in worship, developing relationships in small groups, and reviving the world through service. Many of you did. We had nearly 20% more people in worship, about 10% more people in small groups and about 15% more people engaged in service in 2016.

Now, the Church Council again challenges everyone to lead one person through Experience, Develop and Revive in 2017. Our hope is that invitation becomes the Christ Church way, that putting ourselves out there is just what we do at Christ Church.

In Christ,

Pastor Mike