Summer Games University

Hello new friends at Christ Church! Even though Pastor James and I have officially been at Christ Church since July 1st with SGU Staff Training and Camp plus a few days in Tennessee, it seems like we are just getting settled into a routine.

This year’s Summer Games University (SGU Camp) was a fantastic five days of huddle times, games and heartfelt worship. Christ Church had 46 campers, 14 huddle leaders and six adult volunteers that were a part of SGU Camp. We want to thank this church for the wonderful support you continue to give to this meaningful experience. Through your generosity, over $7,000 in camperships provided an opportunity for young people to experience SGU Camp that otherwise would not have been able, including 12 students from Fairmount Pines apartment complex.

The Holy Spirit was alive and working through SGU Camp. Students were focused on Christ and how they can “Breakaway” from the things that are getting in the way of their relationship with Jesus. For those who were out of town for Camp Sunday (July 16), find the video from Camp Sunday under “Videos” in our app or online at

I can’t wait to get to know these teenagers over this next school year. I can tell that Christ church has some awesome youth just from the little bit that I have been around them at SGU and a couple of Endeavor nights.

~Pastor Helen