Endeavor Happenings

Since the end of July, I have had the blessing to hang out with the most amazing students on Wednesday nights at Endeavor. These students are not only wanting to grow in their relationship with God, but they also want stronger relationships with each other. You can tell how much they enjoy each other as they gather each week.

Young people these days are pulled in so many directions. With all the different school and work commitments, we may not see every student every week. So, some weeks there are 40 of us and other weeks almost 60! No matter who is there, each week has had something special about it.

Some Wednesday nights have been focused on community building through games and small group discussions. Other nights we have discussed current events like racism and the shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. God’s Word guides our time together with youth-led worship being a highlight each week.

This past weekend, we had a powerful retreat at Pictured Rocks Camp. Twenty-nine youth and adults experienced a whirlwind 28-hours of fellowship, food, Bible study, trust walks, caving, team building activities, worship and prayer. During our time away, the youth brainstormed about ways that Endeavor can help them grow in their faith walk.

We also started looking at “guidelines” to help keep youth focused on their faith while at Endeavor and not being distracted by phones, gossip, judgment, etc. We will continue tweaking these ideas as we being to prepare for the new year.

These teens are so committed to becoming stronger disciples of Jesus Christ so they can transform the world. Please keep Endeavor in your prayers as we continue to reach new teens for Christ and please continue your support and encouragement towards the teens that are here on Wednesday evenings.