New Beginning

In my first few years at Christ Church, we twice discontinued worship services for lack of attendance. Through it all, you kept believing and working. In time, the trend reversed. We have been growing for the past two years. I can’t say enough about the great work of the staff and our leaders throughout the process!

Both of our services are growing, but at the rate our Modern service is growing, we will run out of room and our growth will be curtailed this summer. The Church Council has been working on the “problem”, striving to create space for everyone to lead one throughout our discipleship process. After exploring many options, the Council and I decided in our January meeting to add a Modern worship service on Sunday morning.

On Palm Sunday, April 9, we will begin a new modern worship service at 8:30 AM. It will be 45 minutes long and held in Brandt Hall. At 9:30 AM, we will hold our traditional service in its format in the Sanctuary. The hour-long modern service will be held in Brandt Hall at 10:30 AM. We are looking for 30-60 people who want to make the 8:30 AM service “your service” for at least the first few months to help get it started. Let me know if you want to be a part of it.

I’m so pleased that we are including new people in our family and growing by the week; thank you for your faithfulness!

In Christ,

Pastor Mike