2016 Review & 2017 Challenge

2016 was a great year for Christ Church, and I wanted to close out 2016 by sharing some of the “numbers” surrounding our year!

In worship, we added people to both of our worship services ending with an additional 30 people (on average) here on Sunday mornings. That’s a whopping 14% increase!

In 2016, we had a total of 168 people participate in small group studies. That’s 77% of our weekend worship attendance! We also added three new small groups in 2016 and are excited that we will be starting a brand new group focused on college-age students as we kick off our new study in February.

Looking at reviving the world through service, we increased our overall participation, new people got involved in service outside of our church and we tried out some brand new ministries, including a Food Pantry at Buchanan Elementary school.

The last year was amazing for Christ Church, I believe that is because as a congregation, we took ownership of each thing happening at our church. I believe it is because each one of you took the time to invite new people into worship, new people into your small group and new people to come alongside you and worship.

Can I challenge you for 2017? Let’s continue to take ownership of our church and the people within it. Let’s make it each of our individual responsibility to each lead one person through the discipleship process. We can greatly impact the Kingdom of God if we all do our part and everyone lead one.