A Special Partnership

Courage… our Kid Start theme for June. We learned about Courageous Disciples, Courageous Esther, Courageous Friends, and Courageous Daniel.

It was a big month as a courageous little one moved up from the nursery to Kid Start; it was so special to watch his big brother show him the ropes in the classroom. I saw courage off Christ Church campus too. On June 16th, I left the comfort of rooms 203 & 204 and headed to Fairmount Pines. I went to share the lesson of Courageous Esther.

We had 15 courageous kiddos join me for a morning of learning and crafts! We made some sweet masks and crowns. We played a little game of “Find Jesus” where we hid a cross and someone had to find it. We finished the morning with a special picnic.

The partnership Christ Church has with Fairmount Pines is so special! Walking into the community room, I saw bookshelves that were donated by Christ Church so the kids could have a community library. Dozens of books line the shelves, books that we collected during our November “Just One Thing”. I saw the growing tomatoes from the Community Garden we helped plant a few weeks ago.

The most special to witness though, was Chelsea Hamerlinck, (AKA Ms. Chelsea) our very own Christ Church member, teaching her students all while sharing God’s love with her patience and kindness.

It’s always so funny how God’s plan is so much better than our own. I went to Fairmount Pines to teach a lesson and ended up seeing what a special partnership Christ Church has. I am so grateful for your constant commitment to our children both inside our church and at our partners!