Happy New Year! 2017 was a great year at Christ Church. We have added worship services, added some great staff to our family, great staff to continue God's call over their lives, and added so many great volunteers.

I want to take some time to thank some very special people to me. All of our music and tech volunteers work very hard to present worship every week. Whether it be our Chancel Choir, the Christ Church Sanctuary Bells, or our Modern Worship Team, they are very committed to who we are and what we are about at Christ Church. I'd also like to recognize some very important people, our Tech Teams. They are committed to a behind the scenes jobs, but I assure you we could not do it without them.

Christ Church has over 75 musicians and techs that serve regularly as a part of our three services! Each group has at least 1 mid-week rehearsal and in many seasons, like Christmas and Easter, they work even harder.

We love our musicians and techs at Christ Church. If you enjoyed our holiday music or this past Sundays arrangements please let one of them know. I am sure they would really appreciate the thanks. I am thankful for their talents and their willingness to use them for God's Kingdom at Christ Church.

Ryan Sloan