My Family

This month of Kid Start programming has been centered around Jesus’ family. We learned about Jesus’ birth, His parents, God’s plan for Jesus, Jesus’ disciples, and the role of kids in Jesus’ life. One activity during this month was a family portrait. It was only fair that if kids had to draw their families, I had to also. I personally am not the best artist, so stick figures it was. (Sorry Mom, you look way better in person!)

my fam 01.png

The little ones picked all of the hair colors, eye colors, and shirt colors. The design options were endless. It was so sweet watching the little ones’ thoughts run onto the paper. It was apparent several kids were really excited to share their masterpieces with the class.

It was now time to share our drawings. In green crayon was Mom, Dan, Doug, and Miss Alisa. Two questions followed my presentation. “Miss Alisa, where is your dad?” I knew that question was coming. And I had an answer. After I shared my own story, we talked about growing up with aunties and uncles, grandparents, and cousins. We talked about what family means. We talked about church family and the importance of building relationships with our church friends. Each child understood no matter who you grow up with, Jesus loves you so very much.

As we shared about church family, one little girl said Linda Rymars was part of her church family. She said she knew Linda cared for her when Linda made her a yarn necklace.

I’m sharing this story because you all are my church family. You are the people I turn to when I need prayers, encouragement, or just a simple hug. You are the people I am able to teach the kids about.

I don’t know your story, but I know mine. And I know that each person who worships with us is so incredibly special. Whether you stand tall and proud of your personal family drawing or you are timid when sharing, I hope you can stand tall about your church family.

The second question, “Miss Alisa, what’s that big thing next to you?” “My cat, Buddy.”