Not Yours, But Yours to Manage

This summer my brother-in-law generously allowed me to borrow his new truck to haul our church trailer to and from Grinnell for Summer Games University. Helen and I were so nervous driving it because we did not want to get a dent or scratch on his truck. If it had been our vehicle we would not have worried much about it because it was ours. But when it was our brother-in-law’s we wanted to return it in the same shape we received it. I am often this way with anything that does not belong to me. I want to treat whatever it is with respect to honor the person who trusted me enough to let me borrow their property.

This is the attitude of a steward. Stewardship is not a word we use too often, but it means to supervise or manage something that does not belong to you. At this time of year in the church we are looking to put together our budget for next year. So we are reviewing what has been done in 2018 and making plans for 2019. (The accountant in me loves looking over all of the numbers and putting them together.)

Looking at budgets reminds me of the great call our church staff and leaders have to be good stewards of the resources you have entrusted to us. We want to honor that trust by making sure every gift given to Christ Church is effectively making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

I am also reminded of my personal finances and resources that God has entrusted to me. Helen and I believe strongly that our vehicles, house, money and everything else belongs to God and therefore must be used for his kingdom work.

On October 28th we will invite you to turn in your pledge cards with how you feel God calling you to support the ministries of Christ Church in 2019. We will not be having a sermon series based only on stewardship this year because stewardship is not just a once a year focus. Every day God calls us to be aware of the gifts we have been given. Every day we are called to steward those gifts to those in need.

I invite you in this season to join me in reflecting on how God has worked through the ministries of Christ Church. Then prayerfully consider how you might make sure that God can do even greater things in the year to come.


Pastor James