What is the Security Committee?

The Security Committee is a sub-committee of Christ Church’s Trustees formed with the goal of ensuring Christ Church is a safe and welcoming place for our church family, our guests, our children, our youth and our staff. We’re a brand new committee formed after incidents that have taken place around the country in churches. We wanted to be a proactive church and make sure that nothing like that had the opportunity to happen here. While we know it’s not possible to prevent every single thing, we know we can take steps to make those things harder to happen.

The trustees wanted to make sure we were representing the teams that would be most impacted by any changes made. So, when they formed the security committee, they wisely structured it to include two trustees, two people from the hospitality team, a local police officer and two staff members —all key roles for our Sunday morning services.

The Davenport Police Department was able to come to the church and walk-through the building and the exterior property. They gave us many ideas of things we could do to make our church both more welcoming and more safe. The two officers started off our walk-through by telling us that we are leaps and bounds ahead of other churches in the security and safety area. A big part of that is due to the work of our current and previous Trustees, our custodian and our business administrator. All of them have worked really hard to do what they can to contribute to this cause.

During the walk-through, the two officers shared with us little things we could do and big things that we should consider doing on the horizon. Some of the little things were making sure doors to interior rooms were locked during the week when they’re not in use. Bigger things include figuring out ways to rapidly communicate from one end of the building to the other.

The security committee is taking each item on the officer’s list seriously and evaluating how each action item should be done. We’ve already tackled some pretty cool projects like updating our nametags (we’ve gotten great feedback on the new nametags—people love how easy they are to read), locking the east (office) entrance on Sunday mornings, pricing out better signs for the church, and addressing communication within the church.

Since the security committee doesn’t have a formal budget, we are starting with some of the low– or no-cost options to tackle first. But, we did submit two requests to the permanent endowment committee during their grant application period and are so excited that we were awarded grants to improve our signage and invest in two-way radios for our children’s ministry and some hospitality roles.

We are so excited that the signage will be worked on during October-December—so keep an eye out for updated signs! And, the children’s ministry will begin training on the high-power business two-way radios (we’ve been calling them walkie-talkies) during October. Those two changes mean guests and parishioners will be able to find their way around our church a little easier and our children’s ministry will be able to communicate.

If you have questions about the security committee, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office.