A New Perspective

My family recently enjoyed a great vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando. It was our first time visiting this amusement park. One of the main reasons we went was the Harry Potter themed areas. These areas of the parks are designed to whisk you away into the world of wizardry. If you have read the books or seen the movies, you do feel like you have entered the magical land of Harry Potter.

My favorite ride in this area was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The ride is designed to take you on a flying adventure with Harry where you almost feel like you are following him on a flying broomstick. I am sure many people go through the ride feeling as if they did have an adventure with Harry Potter himself.

The first time through the ride I entered that experience as the ride was intended. However, the second time through I started looking around at various sites. I looked behind our ride and saw the robotic cart and arm that moves you along the journey. I looked above and below our focal point to see the mechanical arms moving characters. I was trying to see behind the scenes to what allowed us to have this amazing adventure. I also later watched some videos on YouTube to see more of the behind the scenes.

It is amazing how different things can look depending on the various perspectives you look from. Just enjoying the ride gives you the experience of flying through the air with Harry Potter. Looking behind the scenes I was amazed at the technology designed to create the feeling of this experience.

I tend to approach Christmas looking for a different perspective. Christmas can seem very routine as we look at the same passages year after year about the birth of Jesus. This year we will prepare for Christmas by connecting with the perspective of the woman who brought us the gift of Jesus, Mary, his mother. We will look at a few passages that share with us how Mary saw her son. We will move backwards from Mary after the resurrection, to the crucifixion, to Jesus’ ministry and childhood and wrap up the series on Christmas Eve with the birth of her baby boy.

This Christmas season, we will be blessed as we take a varied view of Christmas through the eyes of the woman who helped give us this great and blessed gift. Please join us each Sunday during the Christmas season for a Very Mary Christmas.

Pastor James