Huddle Leader Band

Summer Games University (SGU) is a camp where students are invited to be in relationship with Jesus. It’s also a camp that Christ Church is strongly committed to. Many of our staff will spend months preparing for and serving at a week on campus at Grinnell College.

My primary role with SGU is with our worship committee. I have the privilege to work with our two staff (huddle leader) bands. These bands are comprised of young people from around Iowa. To form each band, we have an audition process for each musician to be evaluated. From Christ Church, Alena Bremer, Bree McMahon and Casey Gaylord have all been selected to play in the SGU worship bands.

They will be helping lead campers in worship during the week of camp. Each of these musicians have been involved in Christ Church worship for many years and it has been my privilege to see their growth in that time.

I’m so proud of all of our people that are giving of their time to pour into the lives of others.