Haiti Partner Update

Nothing we do in Haiti is insignificant. This is what Greg Shepherd of RTS Missions reminds us on each of our mission trips. Over the past five years, countless people in our congregation have served alongside and built relationships with Greg, his wife, Maria, and their son, Caleb.

During our partnership we’ve seen the Shepherds go from short-term missionaries, to full-time, and now, it’s official, they’re Haitian residents! This fall they received their NIF (like a Social Security number), Haiti residency permit and driver’s licenses.

haiti update 01.png

We’ve also watched their ministry move from one partner church and a loosely-connected school to establishing a community of churches and RTS academies. Their growth continues, now that they’re officially Haitian residents, they’ve licensed RTS Missions as an official organization in Haiti and have received a gift of a major piece of property that included a school of more than 450 students.

haiti update 02.png

With all of that excitement, they need our love, support and prayers more than ever. Will you join me in praying for RTS Missions and its ministries?

A list of things you can pray for is included below. Will you save it somewhere you’ll see it and keep the entire RTS family in your prayers?

haiti update 03.png