Family Skate Night

We have already had our first event this year, the family skate night! We had more than 80 ice skaters joining us for the evening of fun! Many of our participants had never skated before.

The family skate night was in partnership with Fairmount Pines who brought almost 30 Pines parents and kids. We saw many Christ Church families along with Endeavor youth students. As we began planning for the event, many people told me they were unsure of their skating abilities and some even shared they had never skated before.

Have you ever tried something new? Were you scared? If yes, what were you afraid of? As I watched so many little ones try skating for the first time, I was reminded of my first time skating. Did I fall? Of course! Did I sometimes (I mean, most of the time) need a hand from someone? Of course! I’m not saying I’m the next Olympic figure skater because I’m definitely not, but I want to encourage you all to challenge yourself this year. I’m not saying you have to try ice skating but what can you try this year? Because it’s okay to leave your comfort zone. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to feel like you’re walking on skates. And it’s also okay to succeed. What can you do that scares you? I promise that even when we fall, God is on our side. When we need a hand, God is on our side. We can do it scared because our God is good.