There are many steps to creating our newsletter. In a month’s time, lots of people have a hand in producing it. As you are reading this, we are already past Ash Wednesday and in the throws of the Lenten season. As I type this, it is Fat Tuesday and tomorrow, we, as a church, will begin our Lenten journey together. All of that leading towards our celebration of Easter morning.

I have been on record as saying that Christmas Eve is my favorite worship experience of the year, but please know that Easter morning is a close second. Easter morning and the empty tomb takes Jesus’ story to a fulfillment and perfection that we have based our beliefs on. As a worship leader, it is exciting when we get to focus on His accomplishments and celebrate them!

The Sanctuary Bells, our Chancel Choir, and our Modern Worship band are all working incredibly hard to make this Lenten season special.

We want to see you all on Easter! We want to see all of your friends and family on Easter!

This is the best part of Jesus’ story and we will present it to everyone that has a desire to hear. —Ryan