Identifying Barriers

Our goal for Christ Church this year is to identify and tear down barriers so that people can more easily enter into and move through our discipleship process. Basically we want to help people get closer to Jesus. Yet we recognize there are barriers that slow us down from time to time.

On Sunday, February 3rd, over 150 people shared their insights into the barriers that do get in the way for themselves or people they know. Through these insights, we discovered the top three barriers of each piece of our discipleship process. The top three barriers for each step are:

Experiencing God’s love in worship:

  • People feel unworthy
  • Past experiences of hurt by a church/other Christians
  • Time

Developing relationships in small groups:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of judgement
  • Time

Reviving the world through service:

  • People feel like they have nothing to offer
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Time

I want to thank everyone for their perspective and participation. It was so good to hear from so many people what they have experienced or seen in others. This work was very helpful in beginning to identify the barriers.

Looking at this list I noticed that these barriers are internal. They are invisible from the outside, but can be powerfully restraining from the inside. We may never know what barrier someone is dealing with internally, so we should try to always be encouraging and positive when cheering others on to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Next, our Church Council and staff will use this information to find ways for all of us to address these barriers and improve our ability to assist people in their discipleship. Please pray for this discernment process and join us in addressing these barriers so that more people can grow in knowing the love and grace of God.

~Pastor James