Find the Light

I cannot believe this month is already over! As I check and double check my list of resolutions, I get nervous. How can 2018 be a quarter of the way over already? But as I read my Bible, Jesus’ promises for us are so abundant I cannot help but be calmed.

Kid Start kids spent the month of March learning about the many blessings that come from Jesus. They learned three very important stories: Mary honoring Jesus with perfume, Bartimaeus being healed, and Jesus breaking the bread for us. These lessons have prepared us for learning about Holy Week.

ks 01.png

Although we spend a lot of time crafting and watching fun videos, one key method of learning comes from reading our Bibles. Over the last few weeks, the kids have improved their reading skills and comprehension of the Bible stories. We are still working on sounding out the tough city names and Bible characters. Even when the words get tough, the kids work together to sound them out. I love having the kids read the Bible followed by watching the weekly video lesson, because as they watch the video, it all clicks. “Miss Alisa, we just read about that!!” The lightbulb goes on.

ks 02.png

I’ve had my own lightbulb moment recently when reading John 10:1-21. Some of you may have read this passage before but reading it brought so much light to my life. In the midst of Jesus preparing for His death and resurrection, his love for us is constant. There may not be as many tough city names or Bible characters but the idea of this kind love is pretty big; so I’m glad I have my small group with me to discuss it.

The kids and I have learned so much from reading our Bibles and I pray you have your own lightbulb moment. If you are interested in reading to our classes, give me a call. We would love to have you, especially on the weeks with lots of big, tough words.