The 40th Psalm says that the Lord put a “new song in our mouth” and it is a song of praise to Him. In our Modern Worship, we love new songs! It is always great to sing to the Lord in a fresh way. We enjoy singing new praises to him.

On Easter this year, our Modern Worship Band introduced the song “Reckless Love” by Corey Asbury to our congregation. It is an awesome worship song. I think you should check it out if you haven’t heard it. Every time we sing it, there are several people that come up to me after church with great things to say about the song. Honestly, I wish I had written it.

There is some controversy around Asbury’s use of the word “Reckless” in describing God’s love. As we sing that song at Christ Church, we are not saying God himself is reckless. Instead, we look at the how the way He loves us can be, in many ways, described as reckless. There is no cost he hasn’t paid and there is no obstacle that he isn’t willing to cross to demonstrate his love for you.

It is my prayer that the next time you hear that song during one of our Modern Worship experiences, that you feel the extravagant love of God like never before.