Seeing Revival

Every time I read John 20:18, I have to pause an imagine Mary Magdalene proclaiming the Good News. She is the first after Jesus’ death to declare, “I have seen the Lord!” She is not sharing how she saw his dead body, but instead Jesus’ revival. The resurrected Jesus called her by name and showed himself to her so that she would believe in the power of God that comes through Jesus Christ. When she saw, she believed.

james haiti 1.png

I think I felt similar to Mary a few weeks ago when I joined team #15 to Haiti. I had heard for nine months or more about our great partnership with RTS Missions in Lascahobas, Haiti. I heard stories from pervious teams. Individuals who were called to share the impact it had on them. I saw some pictures on social media. I trusted all of this evidence of revival, but there is nothing quite like seeing it for yourself that will make you believe.

Our team spent mornings going door –to-door in various settings from the city to small villages. We would listen to the stories of the Haitian people. We would pray for them and we would offer a relationship with Jesus Christ and his church. It was amazing how so many people welcomed us, strangers, into their lives. The afternoons were full of feeding hungry children. We fed their bodies with a good meal and fed their souls by sharing about Jesus through stories, crafts, and games.

james haiti 2.png

After being in Haiti, I too have to say that I have seen the Lord. I saw him in the people of Haiti. I saw him in each member of our team. I also saw him in those who sent us and welcomed us back. We do have a great partner ministry in RTS Missions and they are helping us to revive the world.

Being in Haiti reminded me of the great need for revival. Our world needs the new life that comes with the resurrection of Jesus. Being in Haiti also reminded me of the great opportunity we have each and every day to participate in that revival. I encourage you to look for Jesus in everyone around you. God’s plan is for you to bring new life to this world. You can do it far away or close to home. Just be willing to see him and be moved into action.

In Christ,

Pastor James