Team Members Needed

Our Modern Worship Team and Traditional Tech teams are looking to expand! If you attend the Modern Worship Service and have musical ability, we would love to meet you! Our band is always looking for vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, bassists, and drummers! This is a fun, creative way to use your talents for the Lord.

If you attend our Modern services and love worship but never sing in the car, or even the shower, maybe our tech team would be right for you. You just need basic computer skills at most of our positions to succeed.

If you attend our Traditional Worship services and aren’t involved with our choir or handbells, maybe traditional tech is right for you. We have spots open for projection, sound and camera. We would love to plug you in.

If any of these spots sound interested to you or someone you know, please contact me! I’d love to chat with you.

I can be reached by email at or at the church office by phone at 563.391.5488.