Financial Peace Success

One of the things we’re always striving for at Christ Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. In my role, I’m always looking for opportunities to add new ways to engage new people. Early in James’ tenure here, he and I discussed Financial Peace University as one of the ways to include new people.


Tom Tkatch generously accepted the charge to lead our first round of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, one of the nation’s leading financial stewardship courses. The nine-week course included how to set and manage a budget, how to eliminate your reliance on credit cards, get out of debt and even make major purchases such as cars or homes. Course participants learned how to manage their family finances with the goal of “living like no one else now, so you can live like, and give like, no one else in the future”.

One participant shared her realization that by living in debt, she was missing out on opportunities to give to others. She adds that people should not be ashamed of having debt, but we shouldn’t want to stay there. It’s about taking action to move out of that debt to move forward into a financially responsible life - with the ability to give generously. This participant said the class gave her the tools and resources to live a more financially stable life.
Tom shared that “by following the Financial Peace University principles, these students—and their families—are well on their way to a more prosperous, fruitful, and blessed life.” Tom also provided a short summary of the success of our first Financial Peace University course. Here’s what he shared about the class’ accomplishments during the nine week course:

  • 12 participants—ages early 20s through early 60s
  • Over $42,000 in non-mortgage debt was paid off by students
  • Over $12,000 was set aside as “emergency fund” money by students
  • 4 credit card accounts were fully paid off and accounts permanently closed

Although this course is over for the year, Pastor James and I are committed to ensuring there are ways to enter into our discipleship process and we will be offering this course again in the future along with other short-term classes.

I am incredibly grateful for Tom’s willingness to lead this class with his expertise in the area and look forward to offering this course again in the future.

If you would like more information on participating in a future Financial Peace University class, please contact Tom Tkatch or me for more information. You can reach me by email anytime at