Fighting Fear

Our current Sunday morning message series is Fighting Fear. We are looking at ways to address the fears that keep us from taking our next step in discipleship. As I looked at scriptures about fear, 1 John 4:18 reminded me of a powerful message. This verse begins “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” Specifically in this passage, the fear John is talking about is the fear of punishment from God. We do not need to fear punishment from God because of Jesus Christ. However, I also think this verse can remind us of a way to fight fear. We can fight fear with love.

When my children were young they were scared of the dark. They would have a difficult time going to sleep in the dark when they were left alone. So at times, I would sit in their room in the dark until they were asleep. I did nothing to get ride of their fear other than to be present with them.

It is in this way that love can help us overcome fear. For there to be love, there needs to be more than one person and it is in community that love casts out fear. If we are to face fear alone we may not be able to overcome it, but if we are not alone, if we are in community, we have a much better chance of fighting our fears.

So, as we look to fight fear and take the next step of discipleship, remember that you do not need to take that step alone. Lean on the love of others to help you take that step. Knowing others are with you as you fight fear can give you strength.

Above that, also remember the love of God that will cast out fear as God’s Holy Spirit meets us when we are afraid. God will give us hope whenever we face fear. We can know that God’s love is with us. Whatever fear you are struggling to face, join us this July as we lean on the love of our community at Christ Church to help us fight fear.

~ Pastor James