Serving Side By Side

One of my favorite times to serve is when I can serve alongside my small group family. I think that’s because of the comfort it gives me to know that I’m serving alongside people who have already decided they can tolerate me! There’s a huge freedom in that.

Of course, it means getting over the initial fear of joining a small group. It was scary for me to start in a group. Thankfully someone invited me so there was at least ONE familiar face when I arrived. That person knows who they are and I’m incredibly grateful for them!

At first, I learned about people in my small group when we’d share meals together or play card games. I’d listen and learn about their families during prayer requests. I’d hear their hearts when we prayed together. I would say I knew them well.

But… there’s a whole new depth of relationship that comes when you serve side by side with people you’re purposeful about building a relationship with. At the last Haiti Reception, there were two small groups that signed up to ‘sponsor’ the desserts & serve them. I got to serve right next to people I know and love. I heard different stories from their lives about the time they baked a cake for a friend or about a time they ate all the cookie dough. Those are the kinds of stories you might not hear from them while you’re studying the Bible together or praying with each other. Serving alongside my small group gave me a new appreciation for the lives I get to be a part of.

Our next series “Start Here” begins in September. If you’re not a part of a small group, I’d love to get you connected!

OR if you’re already in a small group, I can help you find a way to serve together as a group to revive the world.