Getting to Know April Buske - Director of Discipleship

April Buske is our Director of Discipleship. She joined the staff in October 2012 as our Youth Director. As her job has morphed and taken on different roles, so has April’s title, shifting into her current role in 2014.


Responsibilities: As the Director of Discipleship, April brings clarity and purpose to our communications. If you want something in the newsletter, on our website, printed in the bulletin, or communicated in some other way, she’s your go-to person. In addition, April is responsible for encouraging participation in our discipleship process. She helps people engage in developing relationships in small groups and connecting them to revive the world through service opportunities. April loves to support our small groups and their leaders, equip ministry leaders and help each of you find your next step in Discipleship at Christ Church.

Family: April has been attending Christ Church since 2010 and this is where she met her wonderful, amazing, and brilliant husband, Andy. They were married here in September 2014. Right now the biggest bundle of joy in their home is their adorable and devious pup, Nelly, a mini schnockerpoo that came into their home in February 2017.

Other Interests: If she’s not serving at Christ Church, you can find April hand-lettering a card, keeping her hands busy with knitting, baking up a storm in the kitchen, drinking lots of Starbucks, or introverting with a good book.

Connect: You can find April on Instagram and Twitter with the handle @aprilbuske or on Facebook at You can reach her at the church by phone at 563.391.5488 or email April’s available Monday-Thursday in the office and would love to get together for a cup of coffee or chat to find out more about you and how she can help get you connected at Christ Church.

Ready to take your next step at Christ Church? Get ahold of April today.