One key indicator of future success, regardless of age, gender, or location is the education a child receives. It’s no wonder why schools place so much emphasis on attendance when research indicates that missing just one day of school has a negative effect on the child’s education.

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During the month of August we asked you to sign up to sponsor a child’s schooling with RTS Missions, our Haiti missions partner.

This $25 per month sponsorship ensures the students have everything they need to get their education. Plus, we know the organization well and trust them. We know the money that is sent down actually gets used. How? Because we go see it ourselves. We meet the kids we sponsor and hear of what they’re learning in school.

On our most recent trip to Haiti, our team enjoyed spending an afternoon with the kids sponsored by Christ Church families and shared some gifts from their sponsors. We know our sponsors are making a difference.

Are you considering sponsoring a child? Visit to find out more.