Start Here

Have you ever started watching a movie from the middle? Many times during my channel surfing I will pause long enough to recognize a movie I want to see. Sometimes I check the guide to see when the movie started to know how far into it is and other times I just watch for a little while. Normally it does not take me too long to realize I really have no idea what is going on because I missed important information earlier in the movie. That is when I usually continue surfing because I don’t want to ruin the rest of the movie without seeing the beginning.

This fall we are going to start at the beginning of God’s story found in the Bible. Starting September 9 we will begin a six-week message series (with small group material as well) focused on some significant pieces of the first five books of the Bible.

I see the Bible as the true story of God’s pursuit of loving humankind. Knowing how that story began can help us to grow in our journey with God. Sometimes we think reading the Old Testament is just giving us a history lesson, but I believe it reveals today’s realities as well. My religion professor at Iowa Wesleyan College, Dr. George LaMore, often said, “The Bible is not just a window on antiquity, but also a mirror of today.” Dr. LaMore taught me that humankind has not changed all that much since the Old Testament. We still strive for love, joy, and a relationship with our Creator. We also still struggle at times to be who God made us to be.

Maybe starting at the beginning again will help us grow in our relationship with God and one another. It might help us move in the right direction by remembering where we began. It might even help fill in some pieces that we have missed in God’s story.

I hope you will join me on Sunday mornings for our next message series “Start Here.” I also hope you will join others on this journey by participating in a small group. By all of us starting at the same place we can move forward together on this journey of life.


Pastor James