Reflections: Salvation Army Adopt-A-Shelter July 2013

When I came to Christ Church the first person who asked me to consider a Revive the World opportunity for our Adult Discipleship ministry was Steve Garrington.

Steve took me to meet the good people of the Salvation Army and that day I heard about an "Adopt-A-Shelter" program they had started. The apartments at the Family Service Center in Davenport had not seen renovation in over 20 years. The Adopt-a-Shelter program would seek businesses and churches to take on fixing the whole shelter one apartment at a time.

The idea of Adopt-A-Shelter excited me because I realized that almost everyone in our church body could be involved in serving the Lord through such a large project. Because the project would require a special offering and several were already planned that year, the Finance Committee requested that we wait until 2014, though they fully supported the endeavor. "Full support" is exactly what the church body provided also! An overwhelming offering of $8000 surpassed the $5000 requested by the Salvation Army. Many in our midst did the physical work of remodeling the home, plus others provided donations that furnished the place for the incoming family of four - a single mom with three girls.

The Adopt-A-Shelter project was a HUGE deal for Christ Church. The local news featured a story on our service and best of all... the Lord Jesus was glorified through it all.

What big Revive the World opportunity will you bring to your church? When you've got an idea let me know. I'm confident our church can handle the task. There's much love at Christ Church and these pictures are just a glimpse of it. - Jon

Reflections: Vacation Bible School June 2013

When we at Christ Church held our Vacation Bible School this past summer little did I realize the lasting memories!

The theme was "Kingdom Rock"! The church was full of children from our congregation and even more from our surrounding community to learn about God's love for them.

Their excitement and enthusiasm brought the church to life! Those serving enjoyed the fellowship while working together. We learned daily how to "Stand Strong" for God. We ended our VBS week with special performances by the children of one of our VBS theme songs for their families and our congregation during our Sunday worship services. What a blessing is was to be a part of this memorable week with the kids.

May these pictures inspire you to be a part of this annual Kid Start Revive the World ministry next year! - Jon

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